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Please be informed "Root and Remedy" is undergoing an expansion in order to serve more individuals. The new company information can be found at: 

Overcome to Become

Havilande Lodge
LPCC & Neurotherapist  

Why aren't you overcoming yourself to become yourself? I was comfortable with my life for a long time, too. But, being stuck is no substitute for living

Your life is your creation; if you don't like what you've created, take ownership. 

You're already here. The time is now. Book your consultation today



Contact Me

Need to get in touch with the team? We are all ears. Root and Remedy encourages individuals to contact us for questions, concerns or clarification. If you'd like to see if we are a good fit, please feel free to utilize the "book online" tab to register for a complimentary discovery call. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. 

2050 S. Onieda Street

Suite 120

Denver, CO 80224

 Tel: 720-636-0415


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