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It's very nice to "meet" you. I applaud you for taking the initiative to find resources to help you step into the best verison of yourself - or - if looking for someone else, to help bridge the gap for that individual. 

About Me

Everyone is an individual and should be treated as such. A one size fits all approach simply does not work. It doesn’t work for counseling, it doesn’t work for nutritional guidance and it doesn’t work for creating a personalized treatment protocol.


When I was a child, I often had several medical mysteries. I broke out in chronic hives, was riddled with anxiety, had a tumultuous relationship with food and several negative coping habits. I was dismissed by my practitioners and even the best medical specialist would send me off with a pill, never attempting to address the root cause. The pill often had side effects and then I would be left feeling frustrated and defeated. Other times, all my lab work would check out as normal, but I knew something was off. I hated that I was being dismissed so easily.


The human body intrigued me at a very young age. My undergraduate studies began with a Bachelor’s in both Biology and Psychology, with a minor in communications at the University of Denver. I knew that the body and mind could not be treated separately. When you change one part of the working system, fundamentally you are changing the whole system. After college, I attended Bauman College to obtain my holistic nutritionist certification. I began my private practice in 2016 and saw an array of clientele.


I began to notice a similar pattern.


An individual can change external factors (such as diet and lifestyle), but that wouldn’t necessarily change the individual’s internal factors (such as mental health and self-esteem). The body and mind is a representation of both these factors. When we try to compartmentalize these factors and treat one without the other, the individual is bound to default on old behaviors and thoughts. This is what led me to pursue my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health and Psychotherapy. I knew that pursuing my professional counseling licensure would prepare me to be better equipped to help my community and provide me with greater insight on the complexities of how we develop behaviors. 

While completing my Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health and Psychotherapy, I began to become fascinated by the human brain. That began my quest for understanding how the brain functions and how to leverage the science of neuroplasticity: the brain's capacity to continue growing and evolving in response to life experiences. This is when I began my clinical residency at a neurofeedback/biofeedback agency in Denver, CO,  that serves Denver's SWAT team, EMT, firefighter, police and general public. Through this work, I understand how the brain creates adaptive and maladaptive behaviors. By addressing the brain in addition to consulting, nutrition and biofeedback, client's compliance rates began sky rocketing. Permanent and long lasting change was now attainable. 


My goal is to help individual’s bridge the gap between the items they want to accomplish and completing them. My goal is to give the individual new tools and skillsets to utilize in everyday life. My goal is to give client’s freedom and flexibility in their lives. To build and sustain a meaningful relationship with themselves and with others. And lastly, my goal is to help other's realize that they desire wholeheartedly to meet the best version of themself. 


I specialize in holistic health - a philosophy that encourages the individual to consider all variables of self. I believe, "when we change one part of the working system, we are fundamentally changing the whole". Negative and positive attributes that affect one area of our life, are likely to spill over into other aspects of ourselves. Whether it be emotional, nutritional, physical, tangible or intangible strain, we must work to proactively address them to become the best version of ourselves.


Addressing the "root cause" of an individual's distress is crucial in creating long lasting change. Root and Remedy strives to connect deeply to the clientele and always puts the client's needs first. 



Undergraduate studies:
-Bachelor of Science in Biology 

-Bachelor's of Science in Psychology 
-​Bachelor's of Arts in Communications 

Masters in Science, Clinical Mental Health and Psychotherapy

Certified Holistic Nutritionist via Bauman College, Boulder, CO
-Licensed NeuroChange Consultant trained by Doctor Joe Dispenza 
-Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, FDN
-Licensed resilience HeartMath Trainer and Psychophysiologist
-Behavioral Health Specialist 
-Life Coach

-Neurofeedback and biofeedback practitioner
-Obtaining certification in Root Cause Protocol  

Life Experience:
Private practice since 2015
-City of Boulder Parks and Recreation team head nutritionist and personal trainer 
-Contracted with Denver SWAT, first responders, EMT's, firefighters and paramedics for neurofeedback, biofeedback and counseling 
-Extensive training via Doctor Joe Dispenza 
-Completed two NPCC competitions 





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