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Group | Couples Coaching

Relationships can be hard, but they don’t have to be. Couples or group coaching can help at any stage of your relationship, regardless of marital status, issues at hand, duration and frequency of problems, age, race, faith, or sexual orientation. Collectively we will identify the issues and concerns, and suggest tools to help establish a healthy environment by using the positives of the relationship as a building ground and reference point for areas of struggle. It is crucial that both parties feel heard and seen, so we emphasize the time during the session as a space to effectively communicate with a moderator present. Together, we will work to refine the couple’s styles of conflict and repair to establish rules or guidelines that work for each individual as well as the couple or unit.

Group | Couples Coaching can be provided in the following formats:

  • In person

  • Online via private HIPPA compliant ZOOM link 

  • Telephone 

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What Our Clients Say

Image by Esther Ann

Linda and Caleb 

My husband and I have seen several practitioners. It would help for awhile, and then we would find ourselves in the same familiar patterns. Falling back on old habits, old communication styles and in turn, the same fights and same issues. It wasn't until we started working with Havilande that we were able to truly turn a corner. She holds the space very well and both my husband and I always leave feeling heard and with solutions to our problems. I know we both feel strongly that we can open up and share what's weighing on our hearts, without judgement and without one of us leaving angry. Havilande has helped us worth through big (and small) issues and we always leave with a new perspective. She offers unbiased guidances and provided us with new tools that we use everyday. Our relationship has gotten much stronger and we are able to effectively communicate without blowouts. Very thankful for Havilande. 

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