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NeuroChange Solutions (NSC) 

NeuroChange Solutions is program that was created by  Dr. Joe Dispenza -  a New York best selling author, researcher, and chiropractor specializing in neuroscience.


The program, called "Change Your Mind, Create New Results" (CYM CNR) is12-15 hour program is based on 25 years of the neuroscience of behavior - more specifically the science on how we change our behavior and manufacture our identity. This program is suitable for individuals and organizations by using a dynamic combination of science, videos, and practical exercises that teach participants how to use the brain in a focused and more conscious way, for long term sustainable success.


NSC has taught this course to a significant number of large corporations, including but not limited to Google, Coca Cola, Cisco, Johnson and Johnson, Sony, Microsoft, IBM, Target, Amway and several government agencies. This is a fantastic course on both an individual and corporate level.  


Research indicates that by the time we are 35 years old, 95% of who we are is a set of unconscious and subconscious behaviors if we leave our unconscious, habitual programs left unaddressed. This intensive course addresses the underlying emotional and analytic undercurrents that have driven us to create the personality and personal reality that we live today. Want more out of your life and yourself? This is the ideal program to create and sustain change.

What included:


  • Participants will be provided with the Change Your Mind, Create New Results workbook

  • Genius Journal: A 30 day workbook of journaling reflection and specific guided meditations to hack the subconscious.  

  • Individuals will have 12-15 hours of course materials, which includes Dr. Joe Dispenza videos, interactive coaching, 4 specific tools to help change the neuroscience of thoughts, actions and behaviors

  • Two Private Meditation Links from Dr. Joe Dispenza, that can only be obtained via completion of this exclusive course. 

Duration of the program:

It is ideal to complete the program back to back days (over person or in zoom), as the information is layered learning. However, it can be broken down in a variety of different ways to fit the individual(s) schedule. It can be completed in the course of a weekend, 4 weekly sections delivered via zoom,  or evening sessions throughout a continuous week. Additionally, follow up coaching sessions are also encouraged for accountability and individualized coaching. Dates and duration of the program will be a mutual agreement between the Neurochange Consultant and the participant(s). It is always our goal to fit the needs and schedule of the client.



  • In addition to the individual coaching option, a telegram app is also provided, as a way for participants to learn from each other's success and obstacles.

  • Participants will receive audio files of the guided mindfulness practices in addition to a 30 days to genius journal to support daily implementation and habit building.

The Neuroscience of Change Course Created by Doctor Joe Dispenza

Results Driven. How this workshop has helped my clientele 

What Our Clients Say

Image by Andre Styles

Sandra A. 

NeuroChange Solutions changed my life. The "Change Your Mind, Create New Results"  gave me a completely new perspective on my life. His simple tools and perspectives are easy for anyone to grasp. I realized I was letting expereinces and emotions in the past affect my current life. It's changed how I see the world, how I work, and has greatly improved my relationships - both romantically and professionally. 

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