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Lindsay T. 
Felt Stuck with no motivation

First off Havilande is AMAZING. Not only does she bare all the credentials, she implements her knowledge in a very digestible and applicable manner. I'm not sure what to call her - a mindset guru, therapist extraordinaire, a nutritionist that actually WORKS or an unbiased individual to talk to. I've seen a plethora of different practitioners and always felt something was missing. Havilande truly listens, asks thoughtful and deep questions that make me reflect and creates a plan of action that are specific to my wants and needs. My friends and family say that I am much more enjoyable to be around and I have been able to achieve all my goals that I have been putting off for years... and then some! If you are feeling stuck, down, bleh and don't know where to turn, I highly encourage you to reach out to Havilande. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself and am so happy I did. 

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Jakob S. 
Seeking Life Guidance

I was connected with Havilande Lodge from a friend of mine. I feel like the market is saturated with life coaches, therapists, mindset coaches, nutritionists or whatever they call themselves. Havilande is truly a diamond in the rough. She has a very unique and beneficial perspective on the obstacles that I brought to the table. She shares many models of wisdom and has provided me with invaluable life tools. I truly feel like I can handle anything that comes my way now. Now that I am feeling better personally, it is carrying over into all the other domains in my life. My personal relationships are more meaningful, my business is soaring, my romantic relationship couldn't be better and I am able to stay on track and stick to the things I want to accomplish in my life. Seek no further - Havilande is a no nonsense coach and will be there for you to walk you to your best you. 

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Sarah A.
FORMER food addict

My entire lifetime I've struggled with food. I've never been happy with my body, ate for comfort, tried all sorts of diets, read all the books, and found myself getting more and more frustrated. It wasn't until I met Havilande when my relationship with food completely did a 180. Her expertise and life experience combined makes for an incredibly effective and integrative approach to healing. Food is now my friend, not my foe - I have more energy, my sleep is INCREDIBLE and I no longer hid in the back when taking photographs! If you're hesitant, this is me telling you to contact Havilande! Not now, but RIGHT NOW!


John S.
Crippling anxiety

I met Havilande at the perfect time in my life. She explained to me in-depth how and why my brain works, in addition to un-packaging a life time of learned behaviors. I use to wake up with crippling anxiety and racing thoughts. She taught my in-depth how my neurobiology and neurochemistry works, in a fashion that I had learned before. She is extremely caring and through in her approach. I wish I had worked with her sooner. Truly a life changing expereince. 


Melissa K.
Lost and confused

I am not sure if I have the correct words to how much Havilande has changed my life. She has an extremely comprehensive background and wealth of knowledge. She truly cares about her clients and takes a direct approach. She is very talented and helped me see me for the first time in years. I am happy to say that I have met my ideal self, and my personal and professional life are thriving because of our time together. 


Chris K. 
What am I doing?

For decades, I have felt lost, confused, and out of control. I had no idea what direction I wanted to take my life and struggled to find direction and purpose. Working with Havilande has been an extremely eye opeaning opportunity to see my life with a fresh prespective. I now understand myself more than ever and always walk away from our sessions empowered and ready to thrive. 

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Diane M.
Couldn't sleep or remember anything!

I came to Havilande after my girlfriend shared information regarding neurofeedback. I hadn't heard of it before, but if it was going to help my sleep and my memory... I'm in! I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night and feel rested in the morning. Prior to meeting Havilande, I would often take several cat naps throughout the day and it was impeding my daily life. I thought that was just "normal" as we get older. I couldn't remember where I put my phone or appoitments. Havilande explained the process very througholy and am so glad I came to see her. I feel like I am aging healthifully now. My missing piece of the pizzle! 

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Luke K.
Couldn't focus, thought I had ADHD

Havilande appeared in my life at the perfect time. My entire life I couldn't stay focused on a task, couldn't multitask and couldn't sleep to finish my never ending "to-do" list. After Havilande mapped my brain, everything made MUCH MORE SENSE to me of why I am the way I am. My performance has sky rocketed and am able to iniaiate tasks and complete them. I don't feel as scatter brained and just feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Honestly, I wish I came to see Havilande sooner. 

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David W.
Finally jived with my coach!

I've seen countless coaches. I've never encoutered anyone that has a coaching style like Havilande. She provides priceless insight and feedback, while also creating a space where I can open up about any of my issues at hand. I was getting frustrated seeing different therapists and none of them seem to be fruitful, or really understand what my issues were. Havilande is a one stop shop and can't recommend her enough. 

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Linda & Caleb S. 
Finally someone who can help!

My husband and I have seen several practitioners. It would help for awhile, and then we would find ourselves in the same familiar patterns. Falling back on old habits, old communication styles and in turn, the same fights and same issues. It wasn't until we started working with Havilande that we were able to truly turn a corner. She holds the space very well and both my husband and I always leave feeling heard and with solutions to our problems. I know we both feel strongly that we can open up and share what's weighing on our hearts, without judgement and without one of us leaving angry. Havilande has helped us work through big (and small) issues and we always leave with a new perspective. She offers unbiased guidances and provided us with new tools that we use everyday. Our relationship has gotten much stronger and we are able to effectively communicate without blowouts. Very thankful for Havilande. 

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Kathleen J.
Stuck in a! 

My time working with and being guided by Havilande was extremely helpful. I came away with a large number of practical tools that I started to implement right away to start changing my thoughts and how I go away my day. She was able to explain things in a way that really helped me to understand concepts and apply what she was teaching me. I always come away with my time with Havilande feeling empowered and changed.

Image by Courtney Cook

Kate P. 
Unleash the beast!

Folks, there is no better therapist, nutritionist, guru out there. I have worked with Havilande for a number of years off and on. Her approach to working with and healing the whole person is brilliant. She has helped me unlock the power within me. I have and will continue to experience personal growth which has shifted my life in a direction worth experiencing.

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Tim B. 
Can I be normal again?

I was connected with Havilande Lodge due to a medical procedure which changed the way I was able to eat and process foods. While skeptical, I decided to go see her and see if she was able to provide some guidance. Not only was she able to change the way that I eat and start me down the path of making better food choices without feeling like I was sacrificing my love of food, but she also was able to help me with my mindset around working out and living a more active lifestyle. I am forever grateful for her support and guidance over the last four months. If you are even considering making a change or know you need to make a change but don't know how, contact Havilande.

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Eric H. 
Gout had grabbed me...until I met Havilande

For the last several years I had high uric acid levels and suffered from gout. Last year I had to stop taking my gout medicine due to an allergic reaction. I decided to sign up for a complimentary session to see what this process was about. She has been extremely helpful, communicates exceptionally well and is passionate about helping her patients improve their health. Under her care over the last 3 months, my energy levels have improved, I am sleeping better, my bloodwork is the best it's ever been in 15 years and I have lost approximately 20 lbs. In addition, my uric acid level is trending down and my cholesterol test results are the best I have had in my years of testing. My investment with Root and Remedy and Havilande has been well worth the time and cost.

Image by Tyler Nix

Samantha V. 
Happy Couple

First off Havilande is AMAZING. We (my boyfriend and I) initially met with her and went over our test results back in December and wow did we learn a lot. Not only about my gut health and hormones, but we also dug deep to discover what was happening to our bodies and and the importance of mental awareness that could be causing internal issues. From then on we shifted our entire mindset. Havilande is so much more than a nutritionist but someone that is determined to help get us back to where our bodies need to be not only with food, but tips to manage stress, relationships and so much more. We are so thankful to have met Havilande and highly recommend her practice to EVERYONE.

Katie M. 
Anxiety ruled my life

My anxiety was through the roof. I found myself always worrying about something and terrified about my health. I've worked with many other practitioners, but no one as well rounded as Havilande. She is very realistic and always has open communication. Since working with Havilande, I haven't had a panic attack in months and learned way more about my health than I ever thought possible. She has given me my freedom back in my life and no longer worry about the worst scenario. My husband and I are much closer and he adores the new me. I am so happy I stumbled across Havilande. She has worked with me via online and while I typically prefer in person- she made it seamless. Very professional individual and I always leave feeling energized and empowered. 

Image by Arthur Humeau

Lara R. 
Off my meds! 

I have been working with Havilande for about 3 months and my life has changed. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year and was on a number of medications. 7 to be exact. Since working with her, I have been able to come off all but one of my medications by testing through functional labs, changing my diet and my attitude. Being able to combine life, fitness and nutrition into one person, has been just what I have needed to start making positive changes. I am much more equipped to handle life's stressors and am now able to communicate my needs better. Very grateful.

Jerad F.
My life was chaos 

I am very shy to meet with practitioners. I found myself not knowing how to handle certain situations and being stressed about life. Work, nutrition, drinking, dating, you name it...I was a mess. A friend of mine referred me to Havilande and I am so grateful he did. Havilande provides a great space to be heard and I always walk away with new ways to handle situations. She is a mindset guru and am grateful I made an appointment with her. I highly recommend Havilande. 

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Amanda K.
I want my daughter back

A friend of mine recommended Havilande to us. We had been having issues as a family with our daughter Amanda. Communication was challenging with her and she didn't speak in other sessions with other practitioners. Havilande offered a complimentary 30 minute call, as she said it is important that it was a good match for both parties. My daughter opened up right away to Havilande and we felt very comfortable with her. Since then, my daughter has had no issues completing homework and daily tasks and chores aren't such a big deal. We have been able to grow together as a family and I am forever thankful for Havilande's fun, energetic presence. 

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Jessica D. 
Goals with alcohol 

I had tried and tried a variety of times to stop drinking. But each time, I wound up talking myself back into it or being tempted during girls night out. Through functional testing with Havilande, I was able to find out that my gut bacteria played a HUGE role in my alcohol cravings. She explained it to me in a very easy way that actually made sense to me! In addition to nutritional changes, Havilande coached me every step of the way. I haven't touched a drink in 6 months and don't know where I'd be today without her. She has great perspective. 

Image by Jake Nackos

Maria R.
Someone who listens to me!

I love working with Havilande! She makes sure all of your questions are answered and is happy to nerd out and provide you with all her knowledge! She puts an emphasis on testing to make sure you have the most up to date data on your body in order to attack issues appropriately and does not pressure you to do anything you are not comfortable doing!

Image by Michael Mims

Michelle S.
Manifesting some real s***!

Havilande changed my life. I came to her after being sober for 2 1/2 years but still overweight and not feeling myself. She didn't tell me what to eat, she taught me how my body worked. She let me in on the top secret code of how to operate at my best. With that freedom has come SO much more. I have lost 114 pounds to date, I signed up for a half marathon and....gasp....ENJOY training for it. I've tapped into my creative side, which I don't ever remember having and I now knit for everyone in my family who is sick of my knit goods. My husband and I have the BEST relationship we've had in 13 years, I feel like a good mom, friend, wife, and most importantly- I feel like I'm good to myself. Thank you Havilande! We are manifesting some serious good s*#* around here!

Image by Edward Cisneros

Rebecca W.
Overwhelmed mama

I am a mother of 2 and felt constantly overwhelmed and stressed. No matter what I did - nothing seemed to budge. I couldn't lose weight, I couldn't keep up with with the kids schedule, didn't love myself and felt like an all around failure. I saw one of Havilande's Facebook post and schedule a free call. She was such a breath of fresh air to talk to and never pressured me. I knew we be a great fit together! Since working with Havilande, I am down 15 lbs., I am freaking organized, I actually enjoy cooking healthy meals, have made huge progress with self-love and am not nearly as reactive to my husband. Happy mama = Happy family! We have all benefitted from Havilande. 

Image by Nate Johnston

She set me straight!

Havilande is simply wonderful. She truly sees her clients for who they are and who they want to be. She empowers her clients to understand their limiting beliefs and creates a foundation to live in good health. Havilande is a wise, compassionate, and an encouraging friend and advocate. Working with her helped me find a path to my own healing. She truly listens and provides insight that sticks. Thank you for changing my life for good Havilande! I could not recommend her enough.

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Stewart M. 
Fantastic sounding board

10/10 recommend working with Havilande. Great insight. No BS. Straight to the point. She is easy to talk to and has helped me in many domains of my life. 

Image by Svyatoslav Romanov

Ariel B.
Finally Well and thriving

Working with Havilande has made a huge difference for me! I felt so sick for a couple of years before I found Havilande, and I had seen so many doctors who told me that my symptoms were just caused by anxiety. I was so tired of hearing that by the time I found Havilande, who really got to the root cause of the problems. Five months later, I am feeling so much better and Havilande was instrumental in getting to this point.

Image by bhuvanesh gupta

The Littleton's 
We are whole again

We've found it very challenging to find someone that can help us navigate our struggles as a couple. Havilande really sets the stage and is an ideal model of a great counselor. She's helped us so much that we've referred her to several of our other couple friends. We communicate with much more ease and can finally move forward in our relationship. 

Image by Jonathan Borba

Kimberely S.
Such a breath of fresh air

Havilande Lodge is absolutely fully engaged with the process and shows up wholeheartedly for her clients. She knows that their health and well-being is the king pin of how people can thrive in this lifetime. She takes you on a journey of self-care and self-love so that you can tap into your inner knowing and have complete understanding of how to take full responsibility for your own health and be your own sovereign being as you stand fully in your power because you were no longer in the dark of understanding what is causing illness in your life.

Image by Fernando Brasil

Julie R. 
The dark cloud has lifted

I have felt down, blue and unmotivated for quite some time. I couldn't put my finger on it. I've seen a variety of different practitioners and no one and nothing compares to Havilande. She explains things in the most understandable way and taught me the potential my body and mind have. I have never felt better, stronger and more confident. I finally feel like myself and everyone has noticed. I am back on track and am so incredibly thankful for Havilande. 

Image by Robert Godwin

John G.
Couldn't be far from the toilet

I have had off and on issues with my gut since I could remember. I chalked it off as being normal. No matter what I ate, what diets I tried, what specialist I saw...nothing seem to change. That was...until I met Mrs. Magic aka Havilande. Through testing, I was able to identify the root cause of my stomach issues. As a bonus, she also coached me on some of my mental perspectives that were causing my body to be in high stress. I am now able to eat out again, go out with friends and I don't have to look for the nearest toilet! My mood has significantly improved and everyone is talking about the new John! I wish I had met Havilande 20 years ago. 


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